Thursday, November 29, 2007

Zoe en Voice

After sleeping in till 8:30 one morning, Zoe finally brings me my bra and says, “Ready!” as in get ready already! She then brings me my shirt “Shirt!” and then my pants, “Pants!” I got up.

No way!
(and pops her P!)
Thank you

Zoe put the phone down my shirt and said, Pocket!”


Zoe: Pretty
Me: Who’s pretty?
Zoe: Heidi
Me: Yes, Heidi is pretty
Zoe: Pretty

Hi batman!
Excuse me

“Here slippers” She brings them to me!

Frog cup
I’ll do it!
I get it!
Hi Pigeon!
I don’t know

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Native American Jones and Pilgrim Immigrant Jones
We're all ONE family

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Birthday Boy!

Looking Back
{infant - 1yearold }

{One year and counting!}

{and on and on. . . }

until Desi turns FOUR years old today!
Receiving BIG BUCKS in his bday card!

Shopping spree at TOYS R US in Time Square

{Thanks G&G Jones}

Questionable cupcakes from Mom

{I didn't want cupcakes mom!}

Watching anime with Dad

Checking out new toys with mom.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Desi Candor

Is heaven in your belly?

Dad? Do you want to smell my feet?

I wanna turn on the light, please, for my conscience.

mmmm. . . that banana cheered me up!

My imaginary friends are gone now they went to go around the world to buy toys and treats and stuff.

It’s math-a-roni!

Jesus made me to like all kinds of colors -- Jesus make me that way.

I’m done! I don’t want this. I’m going to bed – maybe tomorrow you’ll make me a yummy dinner.

Des: Mom? Did you get mail today? A guy named Smithy-Howard was sending you a letter.
Me: Who’s Smithy-Howard?
Des: A boy who survived by bad guys.
Me: . . .

My penis is the tambourine and my bum is the drum.
Lets rock-n-roll! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

Des went apple-picking with his preschool class and I commented that I was sure the apple orchards were beautiful. He quickly corrected me, “They weren’t beautiful, they were hideous!”

Des: I have good news for you Zo. I’m gonna buy you a princess when I turn 4 years old!
Zo: Wow!

Why is Zoe crying so much? It’s hurting my ears. I wish I had ear muffs. Can I get ear muffs when I’m 4 years old?

I want to hug you in your hug.

Des: When am I gonna have a baby boy?
Me: Are you pretending?
Des: No. When I grow up and get married I will have a baby. I want a baby boy – I will name him Thom after my friend Thomas. I love him when he’s all snotty!

“You’ll miss all the fun!”
Des declared as he headed to the bathroom to go potty.

I want to grow up to be like dad so he’ll know I like pina coladas, hot sauce and lumberjacks.

I like my bum. Do you like my bum?

It’s math-a-roni! My imaginary friend was talking in my ear and said, “Can I have you math-a-roni?”

Friday, November 09, 2007

More Pics

These are all the pics I've gathered from DPJ's apple picking preschool field trip.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Weekend in the Country

Sometimes it's nice when friends move out of the city but still stay within reach. Visiting our friends, the Blosils, is a citydwellers dream: to escape for a weekend and enjoy another side of New York.

They live in their builded house with their 3 daughters and new son. They are excellent cooks, fairly expert Tivo-ists (we're usually subjected to their saved favorites), and they enjoy sparing politics into the late hours.

We usually try to go to a Farmers Market when we visit this time of year.

Nate got into the spirit of things.

Des overcome with all the pumpkins -- it's a carvers canvas!

Nate single-handedly managing all the babes (I was weilding the camera, Magda was with sleeping babe-in-car, and Kent? Kent? Oh, yeah, on the phone talking sports with his bro)

Hello Zoe!

The three cute Blosil girls, Gabriella, Sophia and Natalia.

Carving a pumpkin with Kent.

Baby James