Saturday, July 22, 2006

Zoe's First Party

Saturday we went to Emilia Fugal's Welcoming Party. She was recently adopted by our friends Cori and Jayson. Emi is just a few weeks older than Zoe. Her older brother, Ayden, is one of Desi's little friends and they are also the same age (there are pictures of them on Desi's baby blog) It's perfect!


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tour Guide

Drummer Boy!

Summertime Weekend

Finally got ourselves out of the city to Garrison, NY for a weekend in a very lovely house in the woods with tons of amenities!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bathtime Chat

Des Jones getting chatty in the bath.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Desi Candor IV

Still camera-less but Desmond P. Jones continues to provide vivid picture-substitutes with his colorful, amusing language.

“This like pillow. This is comfy.” After taking a bite of a homemade crouton.

Ever since Desi learned the “If you chance to meet a frown…” song in nursery he’s been much more conscientious of our faces. For instance, noticing on the day my parents were leaving, that my mom was not her usual self and finally saying, “Grammy? You’re not smiling! Grammy smile!” He told me the other day that I was supposed to smile. And our friend Lindsey, who was helping a couple days after mom&dad left, was cajoled into carrying Desi up a hill and all the way home after Lunch Bunch while she was also pushing Zoe (!) Once back to our apartment the last thing she was thinking about was smiling, but Des noticed and began singing, “No one likes a frowny face, change it for a smile!”

“Oh my goodness, I’m naked!”

“I look like a girl!!!” We’re not sure why he said this, he was not playing dress up, he was just having his lunch. We laughed and laughed…. “I look like a girl, Grandpa Gary!!” [shortly thereafter Grandpa presided over a very short haircut]

Desi was struggling to get his snow pants on (yes, in June) and I heard him say, “Where’s that cute foot? Where’s my cute foot?”

About 20minutes after my parents said goodbye (headed for the airport to return home), I found something that they’d left behind, which always devastates me. I began lamenting and saying how sad I was that they forgot something. Desi approached me, put his arms around my legs, gave them a kiss and said, “I’m here, I’m here.” Then he pulled away saying, “I know what will make you happy,” and began to play the kazoo.

“I smell something, I smell something… it’s babyzoe’s breath!” His proximity to her was not close – she was in the bassinet he was on the changing table “Kind of yucky stuff, kind of yucky stuff… Like potato salad.” I don’t remember the last time we had potato salad! I laughed for hours on this one!

A tremendous thunderstorm a few nights ago – I was lovin’ it but Des had different feelings, “I don’t like thunder, it’s thundery. I need to hide somewhere.”

While holding up to his mouth the new baseball bat Auntie Heidi got for him Desi declared, "toot! toot! toot! I have an announcement: I have an emergency! I lost an earring!"

I changed my mind -- my mind is something else.