Sunday, September 14, 2008

Maybe it's time for some pictures

This is the humble Saturday morning rynick in Sharbakti.
I love Saturday mornings because of this. All these (mostly) women bring garden&dairy goods from their farms and it's such a thrill to buy their hand-churned butter and fresh morning eggs and milk. I love the squash and the only little woman selling dried beans. Our goal is to eat as many veggies as we can because soon it will all be gone and the only thing we'll likely find will be cabbage and potatoes.

I love borst.
The babes are still working on it. This will be our lifeline through the winter I suspect. A favorite potato and cabbage dish for Russians.

This is us at the top of that big mountain.
In Almaty we climbed all 900+ steps -- well some of us did.

Here's the Catholic Church in glorious bloom.
It's one of our favorite places to go and play in Sharbakti.

Discovering a great park in Almaty
with lovely flower gardens, cotton candy, a carnival and a zoo!

The Russian Orthodox Church in Almaty

Zoe in her preferred elevated position

Des and Zoe outside one of the rynicks in Almaty
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It's also called the Green Market
I loved it! One doesn't see such abundance in our village. I haven't seen one ear of corn yet, maybe later this month.

Banya babes!
We are beginning to ask the question: What will be do in the winter when it's 40 below? It's not likely we can trapse out to the banya and back or even get it hot enough. There are no other alternatives for getting clean!!


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