Friday, October 29, 2010

It feels good

Things feel kind of normal now – or the kind normal that I’ve observed and admired in happy, busy American families.

For instance:

* He reads for 20minutes every night and has regular homework.

* She is making little friends and asking for sleepovers.

* I have a car (it’s been 8years) and drive my children around all by myself.

* I can go to the grocery store – a big one – whenever I want. I can choose from a bounteous variety of yummy things. I can get multiple heavy items (e.g. 6 cans of beans, 5lbs of flour, a gallon of milk, potatoes, onions, apples, etc.) and not have to calculate the weight for the walk&carry home. It’s been 8 years of such restraint!

* We have a church family again

and I’m teaching Gospel

Doctrine and Nathan was scooped up by the Branch Presidency.

* We have neighbors that speak our language and a community we can participate in -- we’ve been to a barn dance and school board meetings and fundraisers and cub scout bonfires and regattas, preschool potlucks, libraries, dinner parties, TAG SALES, art museum socials, farms for fresh produce and New England road trips!!!


If I never get a job that brings income again, I am confident -- and a little giddy -- at the prospect of my life fullfullfull of these things.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A New Home

It's still a little hard to believe but we let that return ticket to Kazakhstan pass us by and we packed our things and moved to VERMONT.

:::breathin, breathout:::

It couldn't be more to my liking and I think this is the

S e a s o n o f H e a t h e r

I've always dreamed of living in New England, frolicking through the small liberal arts colleges, living in an old house, surrounding myself with great local farm food and animals, having New England-y neighbors -- it's been a HUGE romantic mystique for me.


And it's all come true. Come take a look into our new lives . . .

Here's the PLACE we're renting

Here are the FRIENDLY CREATURES we socialize with
Here's NATHAN -- adjunct teacher extraordinaire -- he's teaching the Anthropology of Islamic Societies at Bennington College (liberal arts college extraordinaire!)

Here's my big 1ST GRADER BOY independently marching down to the bus/getting on the bus

Here we are in Massachusetts PRESSING CIDER with our former NYC friends , the Blosils -- they're living the dream too!
{drop the apple and wipe that man's (mr. kent blosil) brow!}

Here are some pics of the beyond-our-wildest-dreams FARM and property

Here is the CAR we now own after 8years of having no car. I can drive my own babes around to places. It's REALLY cool.{hello chickens!}

Here's my LITTLEDEARDAUGHTER, she's a preschooler and loving it
{here she is with her yoga-loving, soon-to-be youngfarmergirl teacher}

Here are mybabes on the treasured TIRE SWING

Here's my beloved BOYSCOUT and his Tiger Den group. I'm a Den Leader!

We're happy.

{in Concord, MA)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tag sales in the USA and other joys -- to come! to come!