Monday, November 02, 2009

The Irony is . . .

After such a long, unblogger like silence the next time I post is to say, “previet” or “hello” because as I presently tap this keyboard (on my new laptop!) I am settled back into the country of Kazakhstan. The very one I saluted a farewell in my last post over 5months ago.

Oh, the funny timeline of blogging.

But we’ll get to that later. What I’d like to document first is the SUMMER OF MY DREAMS! 3months of peoplepeoplepeople. It was bounteous. I saw nearly everyone I wanted to see and spent a lot of time with my family – for good or bad as I was still reeling and recovering from the social isolation of the previous year and a half. It made me a little awkward, a little self-absorbed – perhaps even a little hard to be around.


Of course, there are picturespicturespictures and since my titanic expectations of a HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION have been realized (!!) I hope my blog will sparkle with more images. Well, that is, images from my cell phone. We’re a little camera challenged.

It feels good to be blogging again and I hope it will seem less like a tragic Charles Dickens or Thomas Hardy tale, as my sister-in-law put it after reading our last KZ coverage. She wept and couldn’t see for scrolling.


Lets get started . . .

When we landed the beginning of June, my sister Heidi drove us straight to her lovely place in Connecticut.

She made this her very own self. With love, lots of love!!


My wonderful babes had their first bath in the USA!


Just before my first shower, my sister Heidi and I posed for a pic. She literarly provided all needful things for us -- hot&cold running water, comfortable beds, gorgeous food (i couldn't stop staring at the contents of her fridge), a bag full of clothes for the babes (!), more food, shopping excursions, and a trip to the SPA for me. {All women should be able to spend a day at a SPA at least once in their lifetime. I mean it -- and I'm not the pampered type. ohmeohmy!} THANKS SISTER!


Our first meal was BBQ salmon -- I dreamed about it for months!


We took a daytrip to NYC to see friends and our old neighborhood.



Zoe hooked up with her old friend Emelia Fugal. It was sweet.


Des and Porter Brien couldn’t believe they were together again. It was bliss.


After a week in CT we hurried to meet our anxious family in UT!!


DSC02199 DSC02202 DSC02206DSC02209

Once we settled ourselves in Cedar City we enjoyed all the normal things kids do . . .



Bikeriding!! ohmyheart!!


Swimming lessons – it’s summertime!!IMG_1885 IMG_1886

Cooking in mymothers kitchen TOGETHER.IMG_1916

Campfires -- SuperAunties making a SuperMarshmallow stick!


All my sisters, thesuperaunties, were together for a few days . . .

This is Hailey


This is Holly


This is Heidi


and this is Heather (me)


{I mixed up the birth order, just for fun.}

Lots of garden time – we loved the garden!IMG_2044

Went to see (Great) Grandma Grace in SLC -- She'll be 101 years old this month.


Oh, and I turned 37 on July 4th.



and that was just June!

I plan on fully indulging with more pics.