Friday, June 22, 2007

Weekend with Auntie Holly and Heidi

It's so nice when family comes to visit. My sister Holly came a couple of weeks ago, which meant Heidi came from CT too and we had a long 4.5 days together in NYC and CT! On Friday we spent some time in Central Park, standing in line for Public Theater's Romeo and Juliet tickets. We got there late so waited onnly about 40minutes and luckily still got some tickets! Having 2 sisters along made the actually made the wait fun for the babes&me. We took turns wandering off, playing catch, and climbing trees&fences, etc.

Here's some photo shots:


Don't look now but Zoe is climbing the fence!

Catch Zoe

Heidi's shoulders are perfect for snacking

Spending some time together in a tree

After scoring our FREE tickets, we went to the Diana Ross Playground and Zoe showed off her climbing skills.

The next two days we spent in CT enjoying the beach, cheap watermelon, Trader Joe's, a new playground, yummy Caribbean food, and cable television. ;) I caught some candid silliness on my camera Sunday afternoon (they didn't know I was recording), here's a little snippet of how charged up my sisters&I can get when we're together!

Here's more pics while in CT:

DPJ's wistful look

At the beach

Mmmm.... plantain chips and salsa


Excuse me, could you please pick me up?

Zoe & Heidi

Showing some leg

Fearless at the beach

Hand-in-hand with dearAunties

Tucking his Aunties in after a busy day!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Desi Candor XV

Tomorrow let’s go swim with the dolphins.

My mom, I’m eating your hair – your hair falled out all the time!

I don’t like having coughs. I can’t talk. . . and I can’t hear either and my coughs wake people up!

Superman to the rescue – he saves England!

You’re a chacha baby Zoe.

Will it be Boy Day after Fathers Day?

Me: You’re not being careful with keeping the water inside the tub.
Des: Zoe did it.
Me: Des. . .
Des: I lied, hu?
Me: Yes.
Des: Sorry mom.

I watched girl movies now. I growed up and can watch girl movies.

During our regular study time sessions in the evenings Des sighs, “I’m thinking about fun”.

I’ll cut out the square cause it’s angry.

Rock and Roll Baby!

I like Daddy just the way he is.

Ummmm. . . I think it was Zoe, not me.

Waking one morning I found Desi standing beside my bed. He smiles and says, “I’m here to kiss you!”

Look mom I cut his head off. Isn’t it interesting?

Our lips crashed together.

A boy with a popsicle in his hand and a girl with none.
(It was really a sucker. Zoe is still on limited sugar intake.)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bustin' a Move

Yeah, yeah! We now get our dancing fun at wedding receptions. What can I say? It was fun! Especially when DesJones hit the dance floor and turned out to be quite the uninhibited maniac. Nathan was so embarrassed he had to leave the room (!) I, on the other hand, was laughing (so hard!) and enjoying it so much, that I had to beg every one's pardon while I turned on the lights to catch this footage -- which, unfortunately, is not even the most outrageous sampling of his dancing. He was grooving for probably 3-hours. It was so much fun.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


While away in Ohio, Grandma and Grandpa Simkins settled in with the Jones babes for some much needed alone time. Here are some pics from their activities:

Waiting for the frog to croak water!

Lounging around with Grampy

Grampy's great for a push in the swing

Playing coy with the camera

Trying on all the new clothes from Grammy

When we returned we had a day to spend together before they left. Decided on a picnic in Central Park and a ride on the carousel.

mmmmm. . . picnic food: pita bread, hummus, baba ganoush, farmers sharp cheese, goat cheese with herbs, greek yogurt, cucumbers, red peppers, watermelon, grapes . . . :):)

Grammy and Zoe

Des can always find someting to be happy about

Grampy and Zoe

Waiting for the Carousel

Zoe's not convinced the carousel is supposed to be fun